Laravel views
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Basic usage

First table view

This is a basic usage of a table view, you can read the full table view documentation.

Once you have installed the package and included the assets you can start to create a basic table view by running:

php artisan make:table-view UsersTableView

With this artisan command a UsersTableView.php file will be created inside the app/Http/Livewire directory.

The basic usage needs a model class, headers and rows, you can customize the items, the headers, and the data for each row like this example.


namespace App\Http\Livewire;

use LaravelViews\Views\TableView;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder;
use App\User;

class UsersTableView extends TableView
    protected $model = User::class;

    public function headers(): array
        return [

    public function row($model)
        return [

Rendering the table view

You can render this view in the same way as you would do it for a livewire component (Rendering components). The easiest way to render the view is using the livewire tag syntax:

<livewire:users-table-view />

You could also use the @livewire blade directive.


At this point, you would be able to see a table with some data, the table view doesn't have any styled container or title, you can render the table view inside any container you want.

In the example above the view is using the User model created by default in every Laravel project, feel free to use any other model you want, the method row is getting a single model object and you can use any property or public method you have difined inside your model.

This is the basic usage of the table view, but you can customize it with more features.

Read the full table view documentation